20170316_231318He’s actually very inquisitive and quite content. Seems to be enjoying his little pen, making his way around exploring everything in it. He even played with one of his toys a little. He quickly found his bed and nestled under his covers, a few of the sweetest soft grunts and now he’s still and quiet. Long travel day and lots of new faces.

Thank you so much, you have made our home a little more brighter! He’s going to be the perfect fit







Milo hi res 3x5 sh+f+hat-finalHi Jeri Lynn-
Milo is doing fantastic. We love him so much!! Thank you for breeding such beautiful healthy miniature pigs.

Brenda Giesler

P.S. He was NOT drinking the wine 🙂


We are sure he is having visions of sugar plums, Cheerios, carrots, etc… dancing in his head! Thank you for Hamlet he is a gift even when he is on the naughty list!!!!

Shannon Lawson




“Our family has been so pleased with our pig Annie from Mini Pocket Pigs. Jeri is an outstanding breeder who takes the time to develop a relationship with her future piggy parents. She invited us into her home to meet all her pigs. She prepares you with all information you could possibly need to be ready to take your baby pig home and continues that relationship long after they leave her care. She socializes all her pigs and makes sure they are ready for your home and family. Her love for what she does is so evident even in the package she sends you home with upon bringing your baby home. HIGHLY recommend anyone wanting a pig does business with Jeri!”

Andrea Anderson

Hi Jeri Lynn,
I just want to tell you how much I love my piglet,Burt. He is so sweet and cuddly. I can’t thank you enough! I spoke to other pig breeders who just wanted people’s money and didn’t tell the truth about their piglets. Those breeders tell people their piglets will be small enough kelly-1to fit in a teacup! When I spoke to you I knew that I would get exactly what I wanted. You know what you are doing and strive to place your piglets in forever homes. Your piglets are beautiful and sweet! I hope that people read this and get their piglet from you! I know they will be as happy as I am with their new baby! It is hard for me to put this little boy down! lol
Please post his picture along with his letter so everyone can see how adorable he is.



Our search for the perfect pet started about 2 years ago when my wife ran across a picture of a 701734_orig“Tea Cup Pig” on the internet. We started to do some research, and ran across the typical night-mare stories of pigs growing to enormous sizes. Well, a little more research revealed that those few stories are recycled all over the internet, and it didn’t take much time to realize that all we needed was a reputable breeder. We found just that in Jeri Lynn at Mini Pocket Pigs.
After viewing Jeri Lynn’s website, and all of the included information and pictures of piggy parents (standing next to rulers), we knew we had found our breeder. One phone call to her and we were sold! Jeri Lynn’s willingness to answer all of our questions, spend time on the phone with us, and send us pictures of our new baby almost daily eased any anxiety we may have had taking on this new venture. Now I have had pets all my life, but my wife Leah has not. Leah is extremely allergic to just 4446562_origabout everything. Walking into a house where a cat or dog lives results in hives and breathing issues. Leah was a bit worried about our pig. In stepped Jeri Lynn to the rescue again! Jeri Lynn explained why pigs are considered hypoallergenic. She also suggested that we check with an allergist. Well guess what friends…Leah isn’t allergic to Penelope, our little girl piggy. Penelope is truly Leah’s first pet.
When the day came to pick up Penelope from the airport, I don’t know who was more excited, myself and the kids, or Leah! Penelope is sweet, adorable, affectionate, smart, loving…I could go on forever. She is the best! We just love her! I dare you to spend an hour with a pig and not fall in love. You just can’t do it!
And friends, Jeri Lynn’s support doesn’t stop when you get your new piggy. She has answered a 5403627_origridiculous number of questions for us, from what brush to use to what kind of shampoo to buy, and how do we trim Penelope’s hooves. Jeri Lynn is there every step of the way. We also feed Penelope Jeri Lynn’s food. Penelope loves it, and she’s doing great!
Please friends, if you are even considering adding a piggy to your family, take a few minutes to call
Jeri Lynn…you can thank me later.

Oh my goodness she is so adorable!!! This totally made my day. Thank you so much for being a breeder that puts their heart into what they do. We’ve been blessed with amazing breeders for all of our animals because I always research a lot before choosing someone. I’ve recommended you to a lot of people already. The business I have I am in charge of 40,000 people. We have a massive following. So of course everyone is asking me where they can get a mini pig now. Lol! Anyways, your attention to detail is amazing. We appreciate it so much. ❤️❤️❤️

Hi, I just wanted to say how grateful I am that my 14 year old daughter researched Jerri Lynn’s3801411_orig minipocketpigs website. My daughter has wanted a Juliana pig for the past 4 years and never gave up researching her passion.
6807186_origHer dream came true Nov 4th, 2015 when we purchased Winnie the pig, a female registered Julianna pig from Jerri Lynn’s minipocketpigs website. My daughter and I never held or petted a pet pig before, but believed Jerri Lynn as her enthusiasm and energy poured out for her adorable piggies. She educated us on how loving, gentle, and smart Juliana pigs are. Even though I was hooked on these adorable piggies8762421_orig
I was still a little apprehensive about purchasing from someone I never meet, but Jerry Lynn totally exceeded my expectations by staying in touch with me through the whole exchange and transportation process. Jeri Lynn is truly a genuine honest person!
I can’t thank her enough for the food she produces, the piggy training she plugs, and for all her
holding therapy she does with each baby. Making them the most calm and well adjusted piggies on the market. I still am amazed at Winnie’s calm temperament. From the moment we opened Her crate door she was calm, affectionate, and well tempered. Even after that long flight!
Thanks Jeri Lynn for all you have done!

It’s Taylor Hayden, I purchased Little Piggy Tornado, and he has just been the best. I wish I had done this year’s ago, but he had not been born yet. He has brought so much joy into my life. I just wanted to touch base and say “thank you”.


2041342_orig 3104260_orig 4102318_orig 7571562_origHi Jeri Lynn,
Just wanted to tell you how much we love our little Daisy!!! She is just wonderful and sooo adorable!!! My 3 girls are totally in love!!! 🙂 (and me too!!). She’s eating and drinking great, sleeping and potty stuff all good too!! Plays great with our Golden and our Yorkie…although they haven’t quite figured out what she is exactly!! 🙂
Just wanted to say thank you!!!
Teresa Walker 🙂

1726095Hello,,my name is Mary and just to give you a little about myself i have suffered from depression, anxiety and for the last three years my husbands PTSD and anxiety. i am not here to sell you something I’m not a breeder. I am a proud piggy parent of Promise. Have in the last 10 years have been through every medication on the market and i have to tell you if your suffering from loneliness,sadness,anxiety or have thous days where you just dont want to get out of bed. I can relate to you. Ever since promise has come into my family’s life i am seeing a positive change in everyone. Promise sleeps with me and snuggles and no matter how bad my day is she puts a smile on my face. Pigs are the third smartest animal you can validate this info. By going to pets 101 on utube. It has also been proven that people with pets have a longer life expectancy and are happier and lowers there blood pressure. My husband has turned into someone I don’t know anymore but the first time I put Promise in his arms I saw a spark in his eyes again and a big smile which I havent seen in a long time. Promise makes me want to get up every morning and feed her and just spend time cuddling and teaching her how to sit which she has learned in two weeks with her favorite snack cheerios. Pigs are awesome companions they are smart and know when you need extra pick me up that day, she always has me laughing. I havent done this in years. Pet therapy is going to start hitting the mainstream very soon. there are other options out there such as shock therapy as well aas hypnosis. They are not proven to make things better in the research at this time. I have been so low that I was willing to try anything and get off of some of the meds. I want to be happy just like everyone else and Promise has been all I needed. My husband kept buying me dogs cats fish and nothing has been more full filling or rewarding as promise. She is my baby and Jerri Lynn is a top rate breeder and friend. from the minute the Piggy’s are born Jerri lynn is there, she does holding therapy so your piggy will love to snuggle when it arrives they are potty trained and spayed or neutered, as well as wormed several times. Jerri Lynn does not make alot of money off of her babies, for the time and cost that goes into each and every baby.Jerri Lynn is dedicated to sharing her babies with us and i am honored to own one of her babies.I could go on for days about these incredible companions they live 12 to 20 years.
I hope my story helps you in your life best wishes, Mary 2/7/14

Hello, My name is Rich, I’m Mary’s Husband, and Daddy to our new Baby Promise. Let me tell you something about Jeri Lynn and her babies. The day my wife approached me about getting one of Jeri Lynn’s baby pigs I was very skeptical. I knew from my back round in the Military and Law enforcement how smart pigs are. They have such a keen sense of smell and are more intelligent than most breeds of dogs. So why am I writing this? Most people don’t know about the loving family member that pigs can be. Promise is such a big part of our family’s life now. She bonds very well with our whole family. Jeri Lynn has been such a big help with helping us up to date on the proper care and diet of Promise. When you purchase a baby from Jeri Lynn you will see what kind of person she is and the love she has for her babies. I have been blessed with the fact that Jeri Lynn has been there every step of the way. Promise was a present for my wife, she suffers from some Mental Illness’s and having Promise there has helped her emotionally and physically. Thank You Jeri Lynn
Ret 2/30/14


Our gift from God was born close to Valentines day with a heart shape spot on her side. This fortunate family is very blessed to have our precious baby girl Merci Mei. She arrived in Northern California on Good Friday. For this family it was the start of a new piggy adventure of love and kisses. Our prayed for bundle of joy is pure bliss.4533035_orig

Of all of the micro pig breeders to choose from, we highly recommend JeriLynn’s mini pocket pigs. We are so fortunate to have our sparkly big eyed, very petite, and stunningly beautifully tail wagging show stopper that makes everyone stop in their tracks and squeal with delight.

JeriLynn is extremely knowledgeable. Her pigs are treated better than most children. You can trust JeriLynn to be a reputable person and breeder. Merci Mei is proof of that fact.
Love, respect and admiration JeriLynn, Love Bobby, Michele and Matt

Hi Jeri Lynn,
I thought I would send you a short note to let you know how Penny has settled in over the weekend. She has been a wonderful addition to our family and even more enjoyable than we expected. You are right, she is just as sweet as she can be.
She got lots of attention from my daughter and son and their many friends the past couple of days. Penny was friendly and sweet to each and every one — she loves to snuggle. She and our dog (all 7.5 lbs), altho not great friends yet, tolerate each other so far. I do expect them to become great friends pretty soon.

1412570354Penny has already taken to being carried. We also had no problem putting a harness on her and taking her for several short walks around the yard.

Thanks for everything. We are thrilled!!!
Dean 9/2014
Hi Jeri Lynn,

I want to give you an update on Penny, the pocket pig, that we bought
from you 3 1/2 months ago and arrived in our home two months ago.
Penny settled in as soon as she arrived and quickly won the heart of
everyone in our family as well as everyone that comes to visit. We
couldn’t be happier as she is everything that you said she would be —
cute, smart, sweet and extremely cuddly. Penny came to us litter box
trained and continues to use the box regularly. While she has a pen of
her own, she usually has the run of much of the house since she likes
to be where everyone else is. While she doesn’t like to be alone, she
goes to bed readily when it is time after her final feeding — I heat
up her blankets in the dryer just before bedtime which she loves.

Before the weather started getting cold, Penny, and our dog Oreo,
greeted our kids at the bus stop coming home from school each day. It
is quite a sight to see Penny running after the kids as they run up
our long driveway. We have also taken Penny on a number of walks —
you can imagine some of the looks we get. Penny has no problem wearing
a harness and being led by a leash although she is not the fastest
walker. Also, when warmer, she loved to go outside to lay in the warm
sun for a few minutes. She especially likes laying on our outdoor
furniture cushions after they had been warmed by the sun.

Penny is a great companion and we all love her — couldn’t imagine not
having her in our family.

I have attached a few pictures of Penny with my daughter, Riley; with
my son, Drayton; and with her now best friend, Oreo.

Thanks so much,

4738521 5095955 8312625








9103033He is such a happy little guy!!!! I just wanted to thank you again for bringing him into our lives. We love him

SO much❤️🐷❤️. Donna





7089387Hi Jeri, I just wanted to check in and let you know that Welker is doing fabulous!!!! We love him so so so much!! He has settled into our family like he was born to be with us. He is such a cuddly and affectionate little guy, we love it!!! He makes sure that he has his share of cuddle time in the morning
We absolutely love him, he’s kinda the prince of the house!!
I just wanted to let you know that your little guy is doing great.
He was not eating the beads!…just playing with the Christmas decorations!!!
Thanks Again Donna 🙂






I just wanted to say a great big thanks to Jeri Lynn for such AMAZING food! We had tried 3 other brands of Mini Pig food before finding her food, our permanent food now. I can’t say enough wonderful things about it. My guys and girls absolutely LOVE this food! They are so much more content after eating. Since starting this food about 6 months ago we have seen way less aggressive pigs, and skin flakiness has almost disappeared. Their color has brightened and they are SO soft, no more scratchy pigs! Thank you so much for such a great product. I would highly recommend this to everyone who owns a Mini Pig. Suzanne

I recently bought my beautiful baby boy, Arnold from Jeri Lynn with www.minipocketpigs.com and I have fallen in love. He is the sweetest boy ever! Everything this breeder shared with me has been spot on and I even received Vet confirmation. Arnold is a small Micro Pig at 5 lbs. 3 ozs. born on July 28th, 2015. He is 5 months old.
I can tell that he has had a lot of attention, time, and love put into him. He gets along well with my 2 dogs, my husband, my 3 oung children, and me. He loves to snuggle and give kisses. He’s so smart too. In just two hours, he learned to sit, stand on his back legs, turn, come and give kisses. Thank you JeriLynn for our newprescious boy. We love him so much. I highly recommend Mini Pocket Pigs if your looking for a new cuddly best friend that will stay small as your forever buddy. Amber Riddle from New Mexico