I would like to suggest if you ever need any help with behavior, enrichment idea’s and training with your Micro Mini or Juliana pig (or any pet for that matter). Or to make the transition into their new home as stress free and happy for both the animal and the new family that you contact Lara Joseph, who is an amazing animal behavior training and enrichment specialist, who owns and operates the Animal Behavior & Training Center in Sylvania, Ohio. She’s absolutely phenomenal! She provides services so you can attain and enjoy the best possible relationship and behavior from your animals! She does online consultations as well as training and behavior modification with you right in your home either one-on-one or she does virtual training through the web. Here services are on-line for your convenience. You do not need to have behavior issues either to benefit from her webinars. She will help you to understand your pigs body language and why they communicate the way they do. Pigs feel real human emotions. The best of all how to raise a emotional happy pig.

Here is her website: