*They are the 3rd smartest animals on the planet along with humans, chimps & dolphins.

* Pigs are easy to teach tricks and they are naturals at potty training.Our breeders live indoors, as they are our pets too. They are clean. Ours are litter box trained, but will also potty outdoors.

*Our pigs are not potbellied pigs. In fact, our bloodlines are from very rare Juliana’s. We get our micro size and unique colors from Juliana pigs.

*Pigs do not have fur (they have hair; therefore, people are not allergic to them or their saliva. For people who could never before have a pet due to allergies, these piggies may just be the solution.

*Our pigs are small due to genetics not underfeeding. Their bodies are denser than the average, thus, their ideal weight is deceiving.

*Newborn pigs are born similar size. Most have reached their adult weight and height by 2-3 years, muscle and fat accumulate. At least 75% of growth occurs in the first year.

*Our breeding stock are not at all related, to ensure no line or inbreeding. Our micro pig parents have been carefully selected to ensure we produce superior micro piglets.
Pigs make remarkable pets for many reasons! They are extremely intelligent and super affectionate. They are very hardy animals and surprisingly clean! They are very active and are very compatible with children as well as other pets. With the proper time put forth and the adequate love given, your micro pig will become an amazing pet with endless possibilities! They live for 15 years on average.

We take extreme pride in having the utmost quality micro pigs toward ensuring we will be breeding small, healthy, high quality piglets. Our girls are fully mature and our pigs are given the best diet (Mini Pocket Pig NutriVittles – available for sale on our site in the Mini Pig Food page), a nutritionally balanced mixture of grains, vitamins and minerals along with a “salad” containing fresh veggies daily). Once the piglets are born, they will be left with mom for the best diet until they are weaned. The babies will be handled and socialized from birth. The piglets will be ready for their new homes at about 7-8 weeks, but only if they are eating and drinking well and they are healthy.

We want all of our piglets and their families to do well together. All babies go home with a new piglet info sheet that will help with their care and give you some information and tips on what you might expect in the future. We are also here to answer questions or concerns as your piglet grows.

We welcome all to visit our place and meet our pig parents before or when you select your piglet. Again, we stress that not all pigs are created equal! Don’t be fooled. There are a lot of people misrepresenting the basic conditions that the animals are kept in. Most customers want a forever pig, not just a cute baby now that will weigh 100+ lbs later! We stand behind the size and quality of piglets that we offer and we are not afraid to prove it.

More info:

· We guarantee all of our piglets to be healthy upon delivery.

· Our pigs are indoor/house pigs. The babies are handled and very socialized, however, expect them to be scared and unsure of you at first until you form the forever bond of trust piglets must form with each and every person.

· The expected adult size of a piglet is in the range of the parent’s size.

· Piglets are litter box trained and wormed.

· You pick a name and we will start teaching it to them.

· We will keep you posted with updates and pigtures weekly as they grow.

· We will not sell a piglet as a bottle baby. We only want the best for our pigs and they do best with their moms.

· All piglets will be spayed and neutered unless other arrangements have been made (included in the price). We HIGHLY encourage spaying and neutering. An intact pig will NOT make a good house pet. Their hormones will rule their behavior. (All piglets are sold without breeding rights. Breeding rights are available for purchase to qualified buyers only) IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ANESTHESIA: NEVER allow your vet to use Ketamine or Halothane to sedate your pig. The only safe anesthesia to use on a mini pig is ISO (Isoflourine gas). Remember this if your pig ever needs surgery for any reason.

· Piglets go home with an information sheet and a baggie of food. You can purchase feed when you pick up your piglet if you like. Mini Pocket Pig NutriVittles can be purchased at any time for your pig. We have shipping.

· We are very easy to work with!


I would like to suggest if you ever have a training/behavior issue with your Micro Mini or Juliana Pig (or any other pet for that matter) that you contact Lara Joseph, who is an amazing animal behavior training and enrichment specialist, who owns and operates the Animal Behavior & Training Center in Sylvania, Ohio. She’s absolutely phenomenal! She provides services so you can attain and enjoy the best possible relationship and behavior from your animals! She does online consultations as well as training and behavior modification with you right in your home either one-on-one or she does virtual training through the web.
Here is her website:


Bringing your new baby micro pig home for the first time is an exciting adventure full of fun! Your oinker might be nervous and scared at first, but this is natural for any animal. Try bonding with your pig by sitting in the pen and hand-feeding them treats. Before you know it, your new companion will follow you everywhere! Your new pig is extremely intelligent and can learn to do just about anything a dog can do, but they learn it much quicker. Don’t be surprised if your pig observes you opening a cupboard for food and tries it out for themselves. Their intelligence will never cease to amaze you. Never underestimate your pet’s ability and especially when it has anything to do with food.

For the first 2 weeks, do not be afraid to overindulge your baby with attention.
Baby pigs normally will go through an initial period of screaming when picked up; this is a normal response. We work a great deal with handling our piggies so they will be used to being held when you take them home as best as possible, but again, they will need to get familiar and bond with you too. They may or may not just be hopping into your arms willingly at first, but in no time they will, IF you take the time to bond.

Micro pigs easily learn to walk on a leash. They love to go places with you in the car. We take ours to accepting stores all the time. People are amazed when we take them places how micro they are and how well-behaved and sociable they are.

It is true that some piggies do like television and have favorite television shows. It is not uncommon for some pig owners to turn their television or radio on for their pet when they plan to be gone all day.

Poisoness Plants: Click on link below to view common poisoness plants



Make sure to look at the babies parents.
Ask for references.
Only buy purebred papered babies
See the living conditions the pigs live in. Make sure it is clean and indoors for the health of the babies



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