We are excited to share TRUE MINIATURE JULIANA’S AND MINIATURE MINI”S! They are the most entertaining pets making us smile and laugh constantly!We definitely have the right breeding stock in place where amazing things are happening! We are located in lovely Northern Idaho and our pigs are part of our family. This is our hobby and we are having so much fun sharing our passion and love for pet indoor pigs. We only breed if there is a loving family waiting for a new family member. We also do not breed all of our pigs.3860584_orig Currently we are breeding indoor JPAR Papered Registered 100% Miniature Juliana pigs and Miniature Mini Pigs. We do not under feed our pigs to get their small size. ALL piglets are born teacup size, but ours will stay small into adulthood. We only breed mature animals so that you can see the actual size your piglet will mature to. You are always welcome, and we encourage you to, visit to meet the parents and see for yourself and how much we truly care about our animals. We are very easy to work with and will be here for support as your baby grows. We are dedicated to breeding small indoor healthy and high quality pet pigs. All of our babies are born and raised in our home. Our breeders throw many different unique qualities like soft long hair and blue eye’s and different unique colors. Colors for the miniature Juliana’s are tri-silver, tri-white/ light red, apricot or cream, chocolate brown tri, silver, red/ white striped, white dalmatians. Then of course we have the solid pink, black, black and white and one of my favorites red.Miniature pigs make great indoor pets. They are very intelligent and easy to train. They are great with kids and other pets. They are clean, non-allergenic. They are remarkably very entertaining and we just love our little pigs and their babies.